BESGOZ FLOUR MILL INC. At 1928 we started our flour production as a flour mill since we keep to renew and improve our production system to fit technological developments. Today; our institution’s capacity is 210 tonnes/day and we have closed storage area, automatic packaging system, vertical and horizantal silos, management building, houses provided to employers, cafeteria, we keep on our business at 12.000 m2 area. We make our production by using high quality raw materials and we do our lab researchs perfectly. Our raw material wheat is choosen form Turkey and the world’s different locations and it’s sufficienary tested in our laboratories then storage in our repositories. We expert to make the best bread from the wheat in our repositories after oligestion. To get the right result for flour; everyday we do bread tests and daily flour analysis at our labs. Besgoz Wheat Flour Factory is well done organized by its labs and chemists to make best wheat and flour analysis. We supply our best quality products to every region of Turkey also we keep our export business, which is very important for development of our country, starting with Middle East, and African Markets. Our company take notice of quality and food safety, at 2006 obtain ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Certificate.

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